Creative Wildfire:
A Call to Artists & Cultural Workers

Request for Proposals


Climate Justice Alliance, Movement Generation, and New Economy Coalition are collaborating to amplify the strategic frameworks and grassroots solutions of frontline organizations towards a larger transformative cultural shift of restoring governance to the people and re-rooting economic decisions locally.

The Call

We’re calling on 5-7 artists and cultural workers to create 1-3 pieces of art / cultural work to move the “Creative Wildfire” manifesto into popular culture.

The Content

  1. is bold and rooted in a transformative politic that inspires and activates masses of people through art and culture
  2. uplifts the powerful work of frontlines organizations who are building radical alternatives to the extractive system on the ground
  3. expands our vision around reinvesting in community-controlled solutions for regenerative solidarity economies
  4. captures this pivotal moment in time and challenges the dominant narrative to “return to normal”

Learn More: Watch the Virtual Info Session

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Application is now closed!

Thank you to those who submitted proposals.

The Just Transition is now. It’s time to reinvest in community power.

The Process

What we’re asking of selected artists

Participate in an orientation session in July

Participate in a unique, interactive workshop hosted by the three organizations, focused on the inspiration and political framework behind the Manifesto

Submit 1-3 pieces by October 15th

Support the dissemination of your artwork (virtual and/or in person)

What we’re offering

$2,000-7,000 per artist to cover labor, access needs, and material. Artists will receive 85% of their approved budget by August 1st, and 15% upon submission of artwork.

An orientation and interactive workshop hosted by the three organizations

Optional: Artists will also have special access to invitations to join additional political education events the organizations are hosting this Summer and Fall

Continued access to lead representatives of our collaboration to support and be in conversation during the creation process

Distribution and amplifying of artwork through a collaborative online campaign

Publicly hosted online showcase in November, details TBD

Selection Schedule and Timeline

Jun 26 Info session on this RFP
Jul 15 Application period closes
Jul 23 Notifications of artist selection
Aug 6 + 7* Artist Orientation and Workshop
Oct 15* Finished pieces submitted by October 15
Nov 8* Showcase (week of Nov 8)

*If you are submitting a proposal, please save all of these dates in your calendar, in case you are selected. By July 23 you will be notified if your submission is selected and therefore if you need to keep these dates on your calendar. Thank you!

Proposal Submission Instructions

Please include the following in your submission:

  • A description, in one of the formats below, of your proposed piece or pieces, how they relate to the content themes, and your vision for art dissemination in real life and/or in virtual space.
    • Mediums can include but are not limited to visual art, digital art, memes, music, performance pieces, short film, dance, murals, comics, etc.
  • Projected budget (attach in your form)
    • $2,000 – $7,000 to include labor, access needs, and materials
  • Samples of previous work (attach in your form)
    • Link to websites, social media pages, or files

Accepted formats for description (choose one of the following):

  • 1-3 min video
  • 1-3 min audio recording, or
  • 1 page written description